Linked in Spirit at the Percolator

I enjoyed showing my exhibit Linked in Spirit at the Percolator in Lawrence, Kansas in May and June of 2010. 

Here are some of the art pieces that I showed in the exhibit, including clayboard drawings, mixed-media collages, and mosaics.

Look for additional images from my exhibit under Pages: Portfolio: Linked in Spirit

I painted mural-figures related to my art on a movable wall. The figures directed people to one of my favorite pieces, and led viewers around to the other side of the wall.

On the other side I made a collage of photos, sketchbook entries, and memorabilia that represented some of the ways I find inspiration for my art.

I held an all-ages art making workshop at the Percolator where participants experimented with materials and made clayboard drawings, mosaics, and mixed-media collages.

I’m looking forward to showing this exhibit again, including new work, at the Yost Art Gallery at Highland Community College (Highland, Kansas) in November of 2010.

Art and Conversation


Humming Bird (Bustin' Out) (available)

Humming Bird (Bustin' Out) (available)

I made this mosaic in the Art and Conversation class that I co-led for women survivors of sexual violence, at GaDuGi SafeCenter. In this project, each participant created a 6-inch ceramic tile painted to represent a painful experience.  We each, then, broke our tile and used it to create something new — an element in a mosaic.