Fall of 2022 offerings:

Drawing in Black and White
Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, KS, Sept. 12 – Dec. 5, 2022
I’ll be teaching Drawing In Black and White this Fall at The Lawrence Arts Center and I’d love to fill my class! We’ll explore drawing techniques in black and white using ballpoint pen, ink, cut paper, and scratchboard. 
This 12-week class meets on Monday evenings, Sept. 12-Dec. 5, 6:30-8:30pm (no class the week of Thanksgiving)
More details about the class:
This introductory-level class will introduce students to drawing techniques in ballpoint pen, ink pens, cut paper, and scratchboard. We’ll draw from observation and imagination, building confidence in our skills as we discover the expressive power of making art in black and white. We’ll doodle and practice with a variety of pens. We’ll draw from observation and learn to “map” areas of light and dark on the page for visual interest and creating the illusion of space. We’ll consider the unique qualities of our various media and will practice techniques specific to each one. We’ll practice shading using a ballpoint pen, similar to sketching with a pencil. We’ll create areas of dark and light in a different way using ink pens where we’ll build up layers of lines or strokes to create varying tones. We’ll cut black and white paper into shapes to explore the interaction and balance between positive and negative space, a design principle called Notan. We’ll discover how different it feels to draw with a white pen on a black background, and we’ll learn how to “cut” a drawing using an old illustrator’s medium called scratchboard. All the while, we’ll summon the creative process to help us investigate our world through drawing.